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As a born Indonesia citizen with all the above qualities, career path has taken me through more than 25 years as a general & emergency practitioner in various health-care settings right from a few private centers in Jakarta, the Trauma & Emergency Unit of a Tertiary referral Center, the University Malaya Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, up to the state of the art hospital in Singapore which is the icon city for Medical Tourism in Asia.

Subsequent to the long history and vast experience of working in busy,and crowded hospitals, managing nearly all types of life threatening emergencies and trauma patients, its now time for me to to take it easy , hence converting myself into a full-fledged Primary Care Physician with the Universal Care Clinic in Jakarta.

Staying true to my motto of “ Living Well - Staying Healthy & Aging Gracefully “ , I strongly believe that medical treatment goes far beyond the prescription of a pill to cure merely each symptom a patients tells him.

As a General Practitioner, a doctor ought to be well equipped with adequate knowledge, skill and experience in the various fields of medicine which starts at listening attentively to what patients say , in order to elicit the necessary history behind a patient’s ailments. Only then will a doctor be able to examine, diagnose and deliver the best quality of healthcare services to his patients. "A good history gives you most of the diagnoses even before you touch a patient" - "If you dont't ask, you don't find, and hence you don't treat" Says my former educator in Madras Medical College - India

At the Universal Care Clinic, adequate history taking will be followed by a thorough clinical examination, before concluding on a diagnosis and treatment options. These options will then be discussed with the patients, before finally deciding on a treatment plan, one that is well understood and agreed upon by the patient.

To complete the care process, we also make routine follow up calls to our patients to ensure the safety and efficiency of his treatment. This is the way we provide CARE for your health and wellness at Universal Care Clinic.

Besides treating one for all ailments, through our wellness medicine practice we also look deeper into the body system, taking into consideration the possibilities of metabolic derangement, deficiencies of fluids, electrolytes, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which often are the hidden causes of many common symptoms.

Our niche at the Universal Care clinic is that by identifying those issues, we can rejuvenate the body cells by infusions of fluids and other nutrients, converting the our patients into people who live well, maintain a vibrant life and proceed with a graceful aging process.

Come in and talk to us , We care for your Wellness ..

Dr GW Asogan, MBBS., FCGP (India)

General & Family Medical Practitioner
Universal Care Clinic

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