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However well-oiled a machine is, maintenance is key for a guaranteed smooth sail, but before that, let's take a moment to talk about wear and tear

Stress ages the body big time, directly affecting our cells through something called oxidative stress. On the outside, oxidative stress impacts the way we look and feel about ourselves, but it also attacks the ability to detox, stay fit, and feel energized, limiting the capability to live to its fullest.

As time passes, certain changes in us are also innate and involuntary. Among others, halting the production of Glutathione is one of them. A master antioxidant, Glutathione is an unsung hero when it comes to reducing the physical signs of aging, visually lessening the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation on aging skin. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of the importance of Glutathione, until it is no longer readily available through our bodies.

With our fast-paced lives today, optimum energy on a day to day level is of utmost importance to us. For most of us, this optimum level of energy is compromised by factors like dietary habit, exertion which leads to fatigue and even common infections like the cold or flu.

Beyond all of the above, sometimes our bodies need to reset and we believe that in the era of alternative medicine, we finally have the tools to combat almost all wear and tear, resulting in near superhuman qualities.

Indulging in some self-pamper in the form of a proper detox regimen or IV therapy which helps remove toxins and heavy metals from your body will eventually improve not only how your body works and looks, but also have a direct impact on mood and your overall outlook on life.

Our little piece of advice to you is to not accept a Mediocre Version of Yourself. Whichever it may be, a pick me up after a long night, a hard day's work or just being tired of the sniffles, Get Off the endless meds and try IV Fluids and Vitamins instead, it can be our little secret :)

UCC - Re-Hydrate

1000 ml physiological Hydration Fluid over 60 mins with Other ingredients are added on if indicated – optionally.

This is perfect for those who need just instant hydration, like having to drink 8 cups of water but with no discomfort at all. It contains 1000 ml of any isotonic solution that has been a mainstay therapy for dehydration and detoxification in the ER for many conditions. BENEFITS :

  • Feel refreshes after the IV fluid provides efficient rehydration
  • Replenished electrolytes
  • Hydrates muscles and joints
  • Instant replenishment of electrolytes
  • Improves microcirculation, towards optimal oxygen transport to tissues
  • Cleanse the blood of toxic products.
  • If added B vitamins provide cellular support and optimizes energy levels

The UCC Rehydrate can also be personalized with different vitamin boost injections

UCC - Re-Generate (Ascorbic Immune Regenerator)

500 ml physiological Hydration Fluid & 1000 mg of Laroscobine

Ascorbic Immune Booster is an immune system regenerator and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-histamine properties which is also commonly used as an adjuvant for many health conditions including cancer treatment abroad.

When consumed orally, only about 20% of vitamin is absorbed. Oral administration of a dose this high would not be tolerated or absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, when administered via IV, it is 100% bioavailable.

The Ascorbic Immune Booster is an infusion tailor-made to boost your immune system and prevent travel related illnesses

  • Cold and Flu Buster
  • Improves immune health and mental clarity
  • Stimulates collagen formation – smoothening of skin
  • Safe anti-viral treatment.
  • Perfect for travellers

UCC - Revive - Remedy (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

1000 ml Hydration Fluid + 1000 mcg Laroscobine + 1000 mcg Methylcarbylamine
30mg Ketorolac ( Optional addition )

This is the most common type of IV Cocktail we use at our clinic. It contains multiple doses of different vitamins and other amino acids blended in a physiological solution, which make daily essential vitamins, and trace mineral needed by the body.

UCC Revive cocktail works by increasing the blood concentration of fluids, several essential vitamins and minerals beyond that which can be achieved when supplementing orally. This temporary boost frequently "kick-starts" the cells, so that energy is produced more efficiently in them.

BENEFITS : Immediately Removes lethargy and fatigue symptoms
Treats "Brain Fog" symptoms as hydration progresses in
Treats aches and pains by cleansing the body tissues

UCC ReJuvenate "Lit from within"

500 ml Hydration Fluid + 1000 mcg Laroscobine + 1000 mcg Methylcarbylamine + Strong Anti-oxidant solution.

Anti-Aging sounds a bit unnatural or impossible, as Aging is a naturally on going process. Premature Aging, is a neglected in day to the life these days which many young people are suffering from.

Premature aging is caused by one or all these processes which evolve in everyone's life daily, Life Style, Diet, Smoking, Drinking, Stress, Chemical, Radiation Exposure, Body Weight and long exposure to High Attitude like in flights.

As we age, naturally occurring antioxidants and collagen begin to deplete in our bodies. This IV has ingredients to repair the skin structure and “the mother of all antioxidants” helps internal organ function along with a host of other benefits including a glowing complexion. It also supports detoxification and helps the body to neutralize free radical stress.

UCC Rejuvenate helps in "delaying" the aging process, preventing Premature Aging making people Live Healthy and Age Gracefully.

This cocktail infusion is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants known to the medical community as "the master anti-oxidant".

Other key components in this IV infusion include the powerful B vitamins, essential vitamin C as well as the anti-aging ingredients mentioned above.

Our UCC Rejuvenate cocktail in combination with vitamins is a popular and effective treatment for getting fairer skin by reducing the level and distribution of melanin pigment in the skin which results in lessening of the darker tone of the skin.

UCC Reduce - The antioxidant enhancer

500 ml Electrolyte IV Solution + 1000 mcg Vit B1 B6 B12 + Detoxifying Anti-Oxidant Solution + Skin firming youth booster solution. + Vit C 500 mg

Any type of stress can cause accumulation of Free Radicals ( toxins ) in our body system. Free radicals sit on the cell membrane and prevent nutrient absorption and inflammation at cellular level leading to various reactions leading to cell death and tissue damage which is the basic theory behind premature aging process.

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that neutralize free radicals by preventing oxygen from reacting with other compounds.

These antioxidants delay or inhibit cellular damage mainly through their scavenging property on the free radicals.

Although there are several enzymes system within the body that scavenge free radicals, the principle antioxidants are the micronutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin C and E.

UCC Recharge - Fitness Booster

500 ml Electrolyte IV Solution + 500 mcg Vit B1 B6 B12 + Detoxifying Anti-Oxidant Solution + Vit C 500 mg

Exercise if overly done with too strenuous activities, have more adverse effects on health than benefits. Beside burning calories, exercise also accumulate the free radicals in the cellular level, causing continuous damage.

Every sportsman may suffer from dehydration which, if not be adequately replenished will cause toxic effects on the kidneys.

The appropriate UCC Recharge cocktail we provide at our center is used to flush the kidneys well to clear all by the products of heavy exercise in the form of toxins in the blood , and does not contain any "heavy ingredients" like what is found in those “ energy drinks “ in the modern market.

UCC Revitalize - Jetlag remedy

500 ml NS Solution + Acid Neutralizer medicine. + Pain Killer as Option

Due to inadequate oxygen pressure, long flights at high altitudes produce high number of Free radicals (toxins) in the body system. Although cabin oxygenation is believed to be adequate, under high, "cell unfriendly" pressure, IV therapy will help replenish the balance, and keep you well, healthy, and fresh by preventing the accumulation of toxins, for the travelers on long flights, flight attendants, and pilots. Planning a long flight, looking to top off your energy with an intense burst of oomph?

This super-sized combination of B-Complex and B12 vitamins will supercharge your entire system and help convert food into fuel for the body.

UCC Recover - Hangover remedy

500 ml NS Solution + 500 ml RL Solution + Vit B 12 + Anti-Nausea medicine + Acid Neutralizer medicine + Bowel Regulator medicine. + Pain Killer as Option

Whether you are getting ready for a big night out with friends or you are recovering from a night out nursing a dreaded hangover, and need some quick relief for the day, our Recover IV therapy helps you get back on track.

This Hangover remedy cocktail contains important electrolytes which help to rehydrate while neutralizing acidity.

We also add some nutritional substances and medications like anti-nausea, acid neutralizer and stomach protecting agents to alleviate symptoms associated with alcohol induced gastritis.

UCC Recover cocktail and nutrient therapy can also be given prior to alcohol intake to proactively reduce symptoms after drinking.


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